Officine Fioravanti Ferrari Testarossa restomod unvelied with more power!

Singer, Automobili Amos, David Brown Automotive, and now Officine Fioravanti – they all specialise in what seems to be one of the latest and to most, exciting automotive trends around, the business of restomods.

Fioravanti rear
With all that added power, it’s likely that this wide rear end is all you’ll ever see on the roads…

In short, a resto mod is the amalgamation of meticulous restoration of a vehicle, intertwined with the modification of it in one way or another in order to make it more modern in the way it looks or drives. The most common “mod” is an increase in power to keep with the times and advancement in engine technology etc. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to be smoked from the lights in your restored 1980’s supercar by a hoody-wearing teenager in his brand new GTI…

Fioravanti testing
Officine Fioravanti mean business – from suspension to powertrain to the fit and finish of the interior, no nut has been left unturned.

Officine Fioravanti is the latest bunch of ‘restomodderas’ on the scene, and the basis of its work is the legendary Ferrari Testarossa. This is a good thing, for as wonderful and iconic as the Testarossa is, it was known to have been a bit of a dog to drive.

Fioravanti engine
Having been completely reworked to output 367 kW and 600 Nm, the Testarossa’s flat-12 now has the bite to match its bark.

Very few details have been released, however it would seem as though cosmetic modifications have been kept to a minimum based on the white test car brazened all over their Instagram page, a la Miami Vice…

Fioravanti engine testing
Hours of testing allow for fine-tuning of the modified Tipo F113 flat-12.

And for the super car boffins out there, you’d have noticed that of all the Testarossa variations they could have chosen, the revered ‘monospecchio’ is the one they have gone for with its high-mounted single side mirror.

Fioravanti mirror
Almost as iconic as the car itself, the Testarossa’s monospecchio.

The tagline “the 80’s are back and they’re faster than ever.” seems to be a bit of a tease, but also believeable when one considers that Testarossa’s exquisite Tipo F113 4,9-litre flat-12 engine has been ramped up to 367 kW (500 hp) and 600 N.m from its original 287 kW and 490 N.m.

Other than that, we’ll have to see what details emerge but it’s safe to say that this is a restomod that few may have asked for, but almost everyone is excited for.

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