One-Off Ferrari P4/5 Gets First Wash In Years, Stunning Reveal Follows

See owner James Glickenhaus marvel at this special Ferrari before it heads to Pebble Beach.

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The Glickenhaus, or rather Ferrari P4/5, is a radical one-off Ferrari. Underneath it is a Ferrari Enzo, but it was then redesigned at the request of James Glickenhaus and styled to look like the Ferrari P Series racers of the 1960s. Restyled by Pininfarina and subsequently badged a Ferrari at the request of Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari did not know of its existence until it was nearly built. Glickenhaus still owns the car today, and it looks spectacular, and professional detailers Ammo NYC have recently taken the car on to clean and detail.

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The Ferrari P4/5 Itself

Under the hood is the 6.0-liter Tipo F140 B V12 engine from the Ferrari Enzo, which produces 660 hp and propels the car to a top speed of 233 mph. Unlike a lot of supercar owners, James Glickenhaus regularly takes this car out to drive, to places such as the grocery store which explains why the paintwork has so many scratches on it. It’s an incredible-looking car, based upon the P4 Ferrari, that was so nearly on the Maserati MC12 chassis but the Ferrari Enzo was the car that forms the underpinnings for the P4/5. It shows the ambition of owner Jim Glickenhaus, as does his current Hypercar project in the World Endurance Championship.

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There were all sorts of swirls and marks across the P4/5, and Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC was ready to get stuck in. The car gets washed and foamed over to get the majority of the larger dirt particles off, with the wheels getting an intense scrub. Cleaning the grime helped to reveal the surface scratches that covered the paintwork. Even the interior and engine bay had a deep clean, the interior mostly treated with lather and a steam machine for the floor, and shag on the seats of the car. Next up came the polishing up of the Glickenhaus.

Glickenhaus P4 5 Final Clean

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The guys working on the car used a few different brushes and microfibers to clean up the car, but all would result in the same clean finish. The car went through a final wash and the windows a clean as well with Reflex and Gelee Pro applied for a great reflection and paint protection. At the end of the detailing process, the car looked absolutely spectacular, looking almost as good as new and all ready to go to Pebble Beach. It is no doubt an honor to get to work on a car so exclusive, and it’s great that such an exclusive car gets a lot of time out on the road.

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