Pagani Enthusiast Adds Another Unique Zonda To His Supercar Collection

More than two decades after the premiere of the Zonda, one-off variants of the Italian supercar keep coming out of the Pagani factory as rebuilds of existing chassis. The latest example is the unique Zonda AY commissioned by Mike Yin who owns an impressive collection of hypercars including at least six models from Pagani.

The Zonda AY is reportedly based on a Zonda F Roadster but features extensive modifications in terms of the aero kit. Besides the purple exterior shade, the matching interior, the black wheels, and the carbon-fiber fender add-ons that remind us of Lewis Hamilton’s Zonda 760LH, the AY has unique covers for the headlights which help distinguish it from any other Zonda in existence. It also gets a very complex rear spoiler setup combining vertical and horizontal elements from previous iterations of the hypercar.

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A closer look reveals that the Zonda AY is nearly identical to the Zonda ZUN that was completed a year ago. The only differences we can spot with our bare eyes are the bespoke headlight add-ons and the profile of the rear wing which is extended towards the carbon-fiber bodywork and bolted on the rear fenders. It is not clear if these two special Zondas are actually the same car with some upgrades or two different models.

As you would expect from a one-off, the Zonda AY is fitted with the upgraded naturally-aspirated 7.3-liter V12 engine from AMG, producing an impressive 760 hp. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a 7-speed automatic gearbox with paddles.

Besides his new Zonda AY, Mike owns two more Zondas (an amazing Zonda R Evolution and a blue Zonda F with golden wheels) and four Huayras (including a Huayra BC and a couple of Huayra Roadsters) while he seems to be waiting on a Huayra R that is on order. This is probably one of the best customers of Pagani and presumably has a close relationship with Horacio himself who also sent him a personal birthday message in the past.

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Besides his love for Pagani, Mike owns hypercars from other manufacturers including Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. From the pictures in his profile, no one can argue that this guy can organize an exotics automotive show by himself.

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