Porsche Designed a Dental Unit to Help You Live Life With Luxurious Pearly Whites

Folks, Studio F.A. Porsche have been known to dabble in all sorts of projects. From sunglasses to pens and even office and residential buildings, it would seem this team has done it all. However, upon searching the diverse projects that this crew has put into the world, one in particular drew my attention, the Morita “Signo T500” dental unit.

No joke. This is a real dental unit into which the design values and styling of Porsche has been poured, and because it’s so unbelievable is why I chose to bring this project to light. Can you imagine what your dental experience may be like now? Well, let’s see if Porsche is the team that will possibly make your dental appointments that much better.

Just so we’re on the same page here, Porsche doesn’t have anything to do with dentistry. I understand that may have been very clear from the start, but you never know. That being said, it should help to know that this project was one in which Studio F.A. Porsche worked alongside Morita, a Japanese group known for creating precision dental and medical equipment.

Now, as odd as this whole ordeal may seem, this design has even won the 2019 Red Dot Award for Best of the Best, and in its entire glory, includes five variations or models with which to aid dentists and patients alike. Just think how nice it must be to lay back on a chair that’s been touched and toned by the same lines you may find in the Targa or Taycan.

However, Studio F.A. Porsche does mention that this unit has been designed around “efficient synergies” which are meant to help both doctor and patient manage the entire ordeal. First off, for the comfort of the patient, the visual aesthetics of the unit is one in which both Porsche and Morita banked on helping patients lose some of the fear of getting in the chair.

This effect on a patient is achieved by a concept that Porsche calls “Clean Precision.” With this methodology, the team worked on achieving a functional symmetry to the station. Why symmetry? Simple, most people’s brains just love symmetry.

Beyond this visual symmetry, the station is also one that allows a doctor to perform his or her duties from nearly any angle, including working while seated or standing. This is achieved by the fully mobile and modular workstations and the patient’s headrest. With these three elements, a dentist can move freely around the patient, while that adjustable headrest won’t lead to any cramped neck muscles.

Once you really get to know this design, you’ll notice that absolutely every component has been designed with mobility in mind and is able to shift positions, even the sink includes this feature. What this also allows a dentist to do is, as bad as it may sound, hide his or her tools behind the backrest. This last idea should be one that helps most people ease into the dentistry experience as you aren’t stared at by sharp tools and drills of every kind.

The final aspect that was taken into consideration is that of being able to service the unit in case anything was to break down. Underneath the sink, a small cabinet offers access to the only serviceable components the unit contains. Just open the hatch and get to fixing.

Now, if you’re like me and fear the whole dental experience the way the devil fears holy water, then Porsche might be one of those angels that shows you some sort of hope for a better and less painful experience. Heck, if I walked into a dentist’s office and saw Porsche stamped on the side of the chair, I’d break into an all-out smile.

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