Porsche launches touchless parking app

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Porsche has launched a new app that allows drivers to park their luxury SUV or sports car without ever having to open the window for a parking ticket again – at least in some locations.

The German car-maker says the new Porsche Park app delivers a contactless and convenient parking experience for owners, allowing them to make payments and access parking stations via their in-car touch-screen using Apple CarPlay.

Developed alongside UbiPark, an Australian parking solutions provider, Porsche Park also offers the ability to search, navigate, access and pay at selected off-street partner car park locations.

After the parking destination is selected, the navigation will direct the driver there. Once you arrive, the app automatically detects the car park entrance via Bluetooth, allowing the driver to then select and open the boom-gate via a button on the touch-screen, so there’s no need to collect a paper ticket, or even open the window.

Once parked, the app will monitor the parking event, with information about cost and duration of stay accessible at any time via the app.

“When leaving the car park, the driver follows the same procedure as at arrival and a transaction summary is available immediately after exiting the car park,” says Porsche.

As of the launch, there are only two locations in Melbourne to offer the feature – Melbourne Arts Centre and Rialto Tower – however, Porsche says availability is expected to be expanded nationally during the second half of 2021.

Porsche says the exclusive app for its owners will also feature discounted parking rates at participating partner sites and provide information at non-barrier car parks in locations around the Melbourne CBD.

“We continue to develop technology that enhances the Porsche driving experience,” said Porsche Cars Australia boss, Sam Curtis.

“Porsche owners are now able to experience a completely new way of parking.”

The car-maker says owners of classic Porsche models can also access CarPlay if a Porsche Classic Communication Management system is installed.

The Porsche Park app follows the Porsche Track Precision app, which is designed to boost skills on track by recording information such as lap times, g-forces and even record video.

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