Porsche Misson R Electric Racecar Concept Highlights the Future of Interiors

The Mission R is the next step that Porsche sees in its quest to electrify the brand and bring electric sports cars and racecars to the public. We’ve already heard about how they plan to make the upcoming 718 EV similar to the current mid-engine car but today we get a glimpse inside the concept car.

It’s reasonable to expect a futuristic interior on such an advanced vehicle but most wouldn’t expect Porsche to take it as far as they have. There are two cameras inside the cabin. One is positioned on the dash pointing forward to provide an “on board” type of view. 

The second is positioned on a slider and points at the driver but can be moved forward and back to get different perspectives inside the vehicle. The driver is supplied with a “Live” button that allows them to “Go live” and chat with spectators at appropriate times. 

While lapping the racetrack, drivers will enjoy the ergonomically designed seat with special padding designed to provide passive cooling without being too spongy or soft during hard cornering. They also get a special vent tube at the top of the windscreen that can be directed toward the vent in their helment for additional cooling. 

The steering wheel looks more like an advanced video game controller in many ways. It uses a curved display to show the driver critical information and has multiple physical controls that adjust suspension, braking, and other systems on the fly. 

The switch panel, glass roof, and door panels all look pretty advanced as well. We especially love the small details like the helmet drier set up on the passenger side of the vehicle. It’s designed to dry out a sweat filled helmet between sessions and looks pretty slick all by itself. 

If this is the future of sports cars and race cars, things look pretty bright. 

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