AOC AGON Porsche Design PD27 Monitor Review

AOC AGON Porsche Design PD27 Monitor Review

Some of you might be wondering why Porsche would be tinkering in the world of gaming monitors, but honestly, why not!? They’ve got a solid reputation in design and engineering, so for AOC to call upon that makes absolute sense. Of course, AOC is well known for their high-performance products too, and have many of the best monitors for gamers, designers and beyond. Given Porsche has a history of high-speed sports and supercars, you would expect similar high-performance from this monitor too, so I’m expecting everything to impress while I put it through its paces. Plus, if they want to send me a Porsche to test that says AOC on the side, that’d be sweet too.

AOC AGON Porsche Design PD27 Monitor

This monitor is no slouch, offering up a lovely 2560×1440 1000R curved panel that runs at a blisteringly fast 240 Hz. You get a 0.5ms response time, FreeSync Premium Pro, and HDR 400 (VESA Certified), so it’s certainly got enough to get excited about. AOC say it’ll also cover 119% of the sRGB scale, and 88% of the Adobe RGB scale.

There are some other QOL features too, such as the all-new OSD design (guess who designed that!), integrated FX lighting, and a pair of powerful 5w speakers with built-in DTS sound. One thing I really love though is that the controls are on this stunning control panel that you can place on your desk.

AOC AGON Porsche Design PD27 Monitor keypad


aoc pd27 monitor features


The famous car company has put their mark on everything from the stand to the OSD, so this should be something pretty special. Unfortunately, there’s no statement directly from Porsche or their designers on the AOC product page, so let’s dive right in and see what this monitor has to offer!

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