New 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 can lap the Green Hell in seven minutes

-Twin-turbo 4.0-litre flat-six

-Deliveries in May 2021

Porsche has taken the wraps off the latest generation 911 GT3, a high-performance version of its ultra-successful sports car that has defined the brand for over 50 years now. Finally debuting to the public after a slew of teasers, it’s got a new engine, reworked suspension and of course has lapped the Nurburgring in seven minutes.

Rear View

At the top of the list for 2022 MY car is a new twin-turbo flat 4.0-litre flat-six producing 495bhp/469Nm and gets a seven-speed PDK as standard. However, if you want the full experience, then the Six-speed manual should be your deal. The numbers on this engine are, in that usual Porsche fashion, quite impressive with a 0-100kmph time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 317kmph.

Coming off the back of Porsche’s super robust motorsports programme, this new car gets a reworked suspension, bigger brakes, a carbon fibre induced weight loss and a reworked aero package of which one the largest highlights is a massive wing sitting at the rear of the car. What’s the result of all of this? A ‘jaunt’ around the Green Hell (in the 20.83km configuration) has been done and dusted in seven minutes or to be precise 6.59.92.

Steering Wheel

In the looks department, it gets all the usual Porsche bits likes the signature round headlamps, integrated cooling intakes, front lip spoiler and diffuser that last two of which are adjustable. At the rear along with the massive wing, the dual exhausts finish in the middle making quite a sight for itself.

The days of bare-bones high-performance Porsches are now gone and even with this one you get climate control, leather, Alcantara, semi-digital instrument cluster, touchscreen infotainment system and a massive roll cage at the back.

Is it coming to India? We certainly think so. Global deliveries will begin in May of this year, so expect India to join the ranks soon after. 

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