Porsche preview new all-electric Taycan Turismo wagon

German high end automotive brand Porsche has officially previewed the upcoming all-electric Taycan Cross Turismo wagon, which is due to be officially unveiled on March 4, and seems to offer a more practical electric option than its older, sportier sibling.

Porsche released a video and photos last Friday featuring Stefan Weckbach, Porsche’s head of the Taycan model line, behind the wheel of the Taycan Cross Turismo on the empty rural roads of Weissach, Germany.

Based on the Mission E Cross Turismo Concept last seen back in 2018, the Taycan Cross Turismo is looking to be a somewhat more practical electric vehicle than the Porsche Taycan – with a more upright wagon-type body, offering more cargo space in the boot – and boasts light off-roading and gravel road capabilities.

“With the Taycan Cross Turismo, we wanted to offer a little bit more space, a little more flexibility and versatility,” Weckbach said from behind the wheel.

“We developed a completely new roofline, fitted with roof rails, a more generous second row and bigger trunk, all to make a car that is perfect for an active lifestyle. A car that is perfect for both an urban environment and the countryside.”

“In order to enable it to handle light off-roading and gravel roads we increased the ground clearance. And we optimised our suspension system so the Cross Turismo comes with a CUV (cross utility vehicle) specific driving mode.

This makes sure it does well on gravel roads in terms of stability, performance, and dynamics.”

Built to be at home in an urban environment as well as off-road, the Taycan Cross Turismo also offers a cross utility vehicle (CUV) specific driving mode, called “gravel mode”, providing stability, performance, and dynamics on gravel roads.

There was not a lot in the way of specifics – no indication of how much the ground clearance was increased, nor the exact design of the vehicle, as it was still “lightly camouflaged” in the press material the company released.

Porsche will officially launch the Taycan Cross Turismo on March 4, and though there is no specific information as to whether the wagon will be coming to Australia, some outlets expect a launch in Australia later this year.

Image credit: https://newsroom.porsche.com/.imaging/mte/porsche-templating-theme/image_1080x624/dam/pnr/2021/Products/Taycan-Cross-Turismo-Stefan-Weckbach/b-F1A1504.jpeg/jcr:content/b-F1A1504.jpeg

The Porsche Taycan has already made something of a splash, with more than 20,000 units delivered globally in its first full year of production. It is about to be formally released in Australia with the first deliveries to be made in coming weeks.

The Taycan EV outsold all other Porsche vehicles in November of 2020, and Porsche announced plans to extend the all-electric Taycan model range earlier this year, promising the introduction of a rear-wheel-drive variant with two battery size options.

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