This restomod 993 Speedster might be the best-looking Porsche in existence – News

While Singer might take the spotlight when it comes to restomod Porsche 911s, but there are plenty of other companies that have been pumping out million-dollar machines for some time now. 

Gunther Werks is one of these brands, and the German outfit recently whipped the covers off the 993 Speedster Remastered, which is one of the best-looking Porsches that we’ve seen in recent times. 

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As the business end of the Speedster, it gets a 4.0-litre flat-six engine that is promised to deliver more than 320kW and 454Nm. As with all good 911s, this is sent to the rear wheel via a manual transmission. 

According to the release, Gunther Werks has spent a lot of time strengthening the chassis due to the lack of fixed roof. This is especially important considering that Porsche never offered the 993 in Speedster form. 

To offset the added weight from the chassis reinforcement, a carbon fibre bonnet has replaced the metal one, and it gets a 3D printed Iconel exhaust. Aluminium wing mirrors and door handles serve the same purpose. 

When the weather isn’t playing ball, a fabric roof that’s stored beneath the rear panel can be deployed. In true Speedster style, it gets a windscreen smaller than a typical 993 which can be optioned out entirely. 

On the inside, the interior has been built to survive the elements if you’re caught short without a roof. Weatherproof materials can be found across the dash and the carbon racing seats are waterproof. 

Like all special Porsches, Gunther Werks plans on only building 25 examples of the 993 Speedster Remastered with producting kicking off early 2022. Prices haven’t been released, but we can imagine that it’ll be close to the million-dollar mark. 

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