Tuning firm unveils gorgeous ‘Remastered’ Porsche 993 speedster

If you wound back the clock a decade, maybe two, you’d find yourself in a world where Porsche’s 993- and 964-generation 911s are dime-a-dozen sports cars barely given a second thought. Even in little New Zealand prices on these were affordable.

Fast forward to today, however, and the market for these 1990s gems is through the roof. Collector interest comes from multiple directions, whether it’s
from Porsche fanatics who foam over the 993’s status as the last of the air-cooled variants or whether it’s from customisers who flocked to the two
platforms thanks to the rise of tuning companies like Rauh-Welt Begriff or Gunther Werks.

The latter has been building steam for a while as a specialist in the 993, having been building its version of ‘the perfect 993’ for a few years now. Following
on from this, it’s unveiled the next chapter — it’s incredibly beautiful 993 ‘Remastered’ speedster.

Like the firm’s 400R project, the Remastered starts with a full 993 shell stripped back to bare nuts and bolts. To take into account the loss of rigidity
created by the lack of a roof, Gunther Werks adds a heap of additional architecture to the original platform during this process.

Under the rear bonnet is a Rothsport Racing 4.0-litre flat six. While in most cases the drop-top version of a performance car is less athletic or even
less powerful than its coupe equivalent, it’s not the case here. The Remastered’s engine is claimed to produce more power and torque than the 325kW
and 454Nm in the 400R.

Gunther Werks, like fellow Porsche specialists Ruf, prefers back-to-basics mechanicals. As such, you won’t find much in the way of next-gen technologies
underneath the Remastered’s wide-bodied skin. There are some modern touches, like the use of carbon fibre and aluminium for various parts, as well
as the 3D-printed exhaust from Inconel.

Instead there’s plenty of old-school cool. Power is sent to the rear wheels via an updated version of the same Getrag manual you’d find in a standard 993.
The roof is fabric, not some kind of complex folding metal contraption. It’s true to Porsche’s speedsters of old, too, with its attractive rear buttresses
and the compact windscreen that’s smaller than that of a standard 993.

Just 25 Remastered speedsters are set for production, and as you’d expect Gunther Werks isn’t exactly giving them away. Pricing hasn’t been announced,
but given that a 400R is priced from US$565,000 ($767,000) you can expect this drop-top to cost even more.

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