Rapper YG reacts to daughter drawing on his white Lamborghini


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Rapper YG has taken to Instagram to vent his frustrations over an, uh, relatable parenting issue: his daughter drawing on his white Lamborghini. 

Yep, it seems kids will be kids no matter how expensive a car is, as YG learnt when his daughter Harmony doodled over the vehicle.

YG posted an image of Harmony’s artwork on his Instagram story, writing, “My daughter got me fucked up. How she disrespect the Lamborghini like that.”

Much to his relief, it wasn’t long before Harmony decided to right her wrongs by cleaning the car all on her own.

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YG once again took to Instagram to share a video of her wiping his car down, alongside the caption, “Clean up. Clean up,” accompanied by a series of heart eyes and laughing emojis.

Considering the Lamborgini could have cost him anywhere between $530,000 and $600,000 AUD, it’s no wonder that YG was keen to put even a toddler to work to rectify the issue.

Despite his evident despair, this wasn’t the first time the Lambo has gotten a makeover.

Back in April, the rapper wrapped the car with flames as a promo for the Flame sneakers from his 4Hunnid shoe collection.

“We’ve wrapped it a few times. We wrapped all these flames all over it. I know we’re gonna get a lot of comments about it. I think it looks pretty cool,” RDB LA Auto Center owner Vik Tchalikian said, who helped YG customize his car.

For more on this topic, head over to the Hip Hop Observer.

Check out Harmony cleaning up the Lamborghini for YG:

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