‘Red Bull has filed a complaint with the FIA over Mercedes’ new trick’

The rumour mill doesn’t stop after the Belgian Grand Prix. Again there are rumours about the battle between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. Red Bull has filed a complaint with the FIA about Mercedes’ engine.

In his new video for Auto, Motor und Sport Michael Schmidt talks about rumors from Spa. Red Bull would claim to have filed a complaint with the FIA. Ferrari is also said to be involved, but according to Schmidt Ferrari doesn’t say much.

New trick by Mercedes

Mercedes is said to have a trick that seems to be legal at first. “They somehow manage to cool down the air in the plenum in the acceleration phase. This produces significantly more horsepower in that phase, but not as much by the end. This could be true when you see how Mercedes come out of the corners”, Schmidt says in the video. The plenum of an F1 car is part of the airflow structure.

Schmidt says the trick is legal in itself, but the issue is where the sensors measure the temperatures in the plenum, as there is only a certain temperature allowed. “I don’t think you’re allowed to be below ten degrees [in terms of outside temperature] and Red Bull claims the sensors are in a place where it’s always made sure it’s warm enough.”

The next two or three races should see more clarification on the matter. If we don’t hear anything, AMuS says Mercedes’ trick is completely legal.

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