Ricciardo clarifies tough language on new F1 car

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During the presentation of the new F1 car for 2022, Daniel Ricciardo was very critical. The McLaren driver probably did not know that there was a microphone open and so he was suddenly heard live in the broadcast.

It is terrible

During the live broadcast, the Australian was suddenly heard making comments like ‘Yeah, no, it’s terrible. It’s s**t, it’s even worse.’ The camera wasn’t pointed at Ricciardo at the time, so it wasn’t possible to see what he was looking at that moment. However, many people linked the comments to the new Formula 1 car that had just been presented.

A little later during the presentation, Ricciardo was quite diplomatic about the car. “I like the rear end,” he said to Motorsportweek.com. “The rear looks pretty old school, it reminds me of 2008, with that style, which is cool. The front is very different, but as with all things, the more you stare at it, the more normal it starts to look.”

Ricciardo can’t remember

When the McLaren driver is asked about it a little later during the press conference, he acts as if his nose is bleeding. “I was probably talking about something else. To be honest, I don’t remember saying anything like that because I actually thought it was pretty cool. I wouldn’t have been so aggressive about it.”

In any case, Ricciardo let it be known that he certainly doesn’t think the new car is “shit”. “I actually thought it was quite okay and I think I said something about liking the rear end. At least there is no negativity around the new car here.”

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