Rolling Stones Mercedes-Benz R500 Tour Car Is The Ultimate Fan Collectible

Each band member provided his John Hancock in the most appropriate place on the vehicle.

Rolling Stones 2006 Mercedes Benz R500 tour SUV
Mecum Auctions

Scan through the discography of the Rolling Stones and you’ll quickly find that they’re not exactly a group obsessed with cars. Lead singer Mick Jagger owns a Mercedes and a Rolls-Royce, and there’s that classic nugget about the rock star crashing his Aston Martin back in 1966. Still, thinking that their hit “Start Me Up” is about toggling a Bugatti is a stretch at best. That aside, the group’s murky connection with supercars got a bit more clarity this week with the posting of a Mecum Auction listing for a 2006 Mercedes-Benz R500, the official car of their world tour from that same year. It goes up for bidding on Friday.

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An SUV With A 5.0L V8

Rolling Stones interior of 2006 Mercedes Benz R500 tour SUV

Mecum Auctions

Vehicle appraisal site Edmunds assesses the value of this Mercedes at around $55,000. This four-wheel drive SUV with a seven-speed automatic includes a five-liter V8 that delivers 302 hp and 339 lb-ft of torque. The interior features all the modern conveniences folks could think of stuffing into this vehicle at the time, from heated power bucket seats made of leather and one-touch power windows to a tilting telescopic steering wheel and illuminating vanity mirrors. The whole package rides on a nifty set of 22-inch Lowenhart wheels with Pirelli tires.

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But since this is an SUV endorsed by one of the world’s greatest rock outfits, there’s a lot more in the cabin. What awaits the driver and passengers alike is an elaborate JBL and Alpine sound system and a wireless DVD entertainment system, ideal for playing all those Stones videos.

Autographs Make This A Keeper

Rolling Stones autographs in 2006 Mercedes Benz R500 tour SUV

Mecum Auctions

The keeper, of course, is all the band’s branding from front to back, especially the starburst representation of the Rolling Stones swirling tongue logo on the hood. That identifier is all over the SUV, especially evident on the seat headrests. And just in case you have no idea what band is represented here, the group’s name is stenciled on the side panels.

The bonus is the autographs of the band members on the rear speaker. Besides Jagger, the scribblings of Keith Richards, Ron Wood, and the late Charlie Watts make this hot property for die-hard fans.

Not Exactly A Lambo

Rolling Stones logo on 2006 Mercedes Benz R500 tour SUV

Mecum Auctions

As far as luxury cars go, Mercedes-Benz models are well-built and extremely reliable, but nowhere near as sexy as the Lamborghinis that more current celebrities prefer, from Kylie Jenner’s Urus to rapper YG’s Aventador. But the Rolling Stones still carry a considerable amount of social clout; unloading a Mercedes associated with a tour that took place 15 years ago would still be a big deal. One thing for sure is that whoever drives away with this celebrity item will certainly derive some “Satisfaction” while behind the wheel.

Source: Mecum Auctions

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