Seidl keeping faith in Ricciardo amid “disappointing” start at McLaren

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racefansdotnet 20191031 174253 55

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In the round-up: McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl admits it’s “disappointing” the team’s new hiring Daniel Ricciardo is taking so long to get up to speed.

In brief

Seidl confident Ricciardo will “click” with McLaren

Ricciardo failed to reach Q3 for the fifth time in nine races at the Red Bull Ring. Seidl said his continuing difficulties was “disappointing for Daniel” but not yet a cause for alarm.

“Of course it’s also disappointing for us that it takes longer than expected. But at the same time, it’s not the first time, I experienced it also in my motorsport life that sometimes it doesn’t click straight away. It is not that easy and straightforward and it is complex to change teams over winter.

“I’m still very, very confident and I’m absolutely sure that it will click at some point, the day will come when Daniel will fully feel home here with the car and then we will see the Daniel again that we all want to see, the Daniel that is pulling it off weekend by weekend and showing us the performances that we are all used to.”

Nine races into his first season with McLaren, Ricciardo has scored 40 points compared to the 101 of team mate Lando Norris. Although he’s usually brought his car home in the points, Saturdays are a clear weakness: Ricciardo has an average qualifying position of 10.8 to his team mate’s 6.1.

“Of course it’s a challenging period right now for him, for us, especially when seeing how Lando is pulling it off,” Seidl acknowledged. “But that’s a challenge we are in together as a team, together with Daniel. It’s simply important in these moments to stay calm and keep working on the challenge together and making steps, even if it’s small steps. I’m confident that it will come.”

F1 to present latest 2022 car model

2021 F1 car wind tunnel model, Circuit of the Americas
2021 F1 car wind tunnel model, Circuit of the Americas

Formula 1 is to present a full-scale model of a car designed to the new rules for the 2022 season. The car will be revealed on Thursday.

A wind tunnel model of the car was previously presented at the 2019 United States Grand Prix, at which time the rule were due for introduction this year, before they were postponed as a consequence of the pandemic.

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