TECNOMAR for LAMBORGHINI 63 Motoryacht First View

Lamborghini Superyacht L 11
Lamborghini Superyacht L 11

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NAVIS was invited to the presentation of a new and particular Motoryacht; it is a yacht that redefines our perception of the previous 63 footers we experienced before.

On June 30, we arrived at our hotel in Forte Dei Marmi, Italy. Around 7:00 p.m., after a bit of rest, we were already traveling together with a select group of journalists to the “Italian Sea Group Village.” A structure with bar, restaurant, conference room, and other luxurious amenities, located on the same grounds as the great Tecnomar shipyard. There, a welcome awaited us from those responsible for the project, followed by an exquisite dinner in the company of the Lamborghini and Tecnomar teams, which was particularly pleasant. Then, to conclude the night, they presented a first and fascinating night vision of the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63.

 TECNOMAR for LAMBORGHINI 63 Motoryacht First View

Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is a project born from the joint venture between Italian Sea Group-Tecnomar and Automobili Lamborghini. Saying born of a joint venture does not seem to be the correct way to present it; it would be much more accurate to say that it was born from the collaboration between these two large companies. Collaboration implies trust, the trust to share emotions, passions, and goals, and this is what is perceived when observing the fantastic result.

The external and internal design is absolutely Lamborghini. Not the slightest doubt can arise. The hull, the engineering, and the performance are Tecnomar, and here too, there are no doubts… the 40 knots experienced in rough sea (1.5m) that we have lived during the test are the proof! Its 4,000 HP can bring this incredible 63 ft (20 meters) at over 60 knots in less prohibitive weather conditions.

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Describing the external lines of this boat is like describing a Lamborghini car, the Siàn, for example. This new hybrid supercar, the top of the Brand’s technology, which was present during the event, was a faithful witness of how the Lamborghini DNA was accurately present in the incredible “Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63”.

The continuity of the lateral surface of the yacht is cut by a very long dark-colored gap containing the glass panels that permit light to flow through the interiors. This glazed surface stops close at the stern air intakes providing the perfect ventilation needed for such powerful engines. The hexagonal shape repeats the classic Y symbol of Lamborghini, which we rediscover in so many details, started years ago in the unforgettable Miura. This pattern runs through the entire history of the Brand.

First video of the “Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63” sailing


On the aft deck and above the engine room, we find ample space for relaxation where you can set a comfortable table for six, where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner al fresco with magnificent views of the ocean. Much of the open deck is protected by a striking rigid structure that starts from the front of the command area to the sun pads area, supported by an attractive “V” -shaped structure, it protects the exterior areas following the traditional Gandini line from Lamborghini’s design. The helm station features an automotive design but with two ignition controls in the best Lamborghini style, to the right and left of the helm, one for each engine. The instrumentation presents the most advanced technology, and the user experience design integrates perfectly with the ones in the latest Lamborghini models. Completing the helm station are two sophisticated seats that, together with the seat belts, recalls a race car.

Comfortable access to the interior is to the board of the pilot position; you cross an advanced and futuristic gally and enter the bow cabin, which can be the owner’s cabin or a lounge area to socialize and relax. A modern head completes the forward area of ​​the boat. Below deck, on the left side of the hull, there is another spacious twin cabin. All interior environments have an extremely futuristic design with color combinations that can be chosen, without a doubt, by future owners according to the Lamborghini tradition.

The design and materials of the interior repeat the style and quality that we find in Lamborghini cars. Finding an interior of this type in a yacht is already a surprise in itself, and it becomes an original and fantastic setting where you can immerse yourself with all your five senses! 

The dream of matching your Lamborghini with your yacht is finally possible with the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63.

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Words: Jorge Arcuri | Photos: Lamborghini Automobili and NAVIS

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