Tesla Owners Are More Likely To Be Swiped Right On Dating Profiles

Tesla Dating
Tesla Dating

Tesla Owners Are More Likely To Be Swiped Right On Dating ProfilesPA Images

Turns out Good Charlotte were right when they said girls like cars, because a study has shown that Tesla owners are most likely to prove successful on dating apps.

The study analysed 200,000 swipes from an array of apps, which discovered having certain cars in your profile could boost both guys and girls’ profiles.

Tesla‘s Model S was dubbed the ‘sexiest’ car, with the eco-friendly vehicles making men 113% more likely to get a match.

Tesla (PA)PA Images

They also boosted women’s profiles: on average women had an overall match rate of 56%, but this jumped up to 62% if they had one of Elon Musk‘s cars on their profile. Who’d have thought?

The study conducted by money.co.uk tested over 70 models of vehicles from 30 car brands to see which one came out on top and positively impacted a person’s profile, in comparison to people who didn’t have a car featured on the app.

Other profile-boosting car brands were Aston Martin, Porsche, Land Rover and Audi. Meanwhile, if you’re an MG or SEAT driver, you’ll probably want to keep that on the down-low as money.co.uk’s data found having these two brands on your profile could negatively impact your match rates by 50%.

 MG ZS Touring Car (PA)PA Images

The SEAT Ateca appeared to be the most offensive, with people who had the car on their profile receiving a soul-destroying match rate of just 2% – 77% lower than profiles without a car in them. Ouch.

Vauxhall, Subaru and Skoda were also high up on the no-go list.

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