‘The cards will be shuffled again’

With Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz a new era has begun at Ferrari. Piero Ferrari, son of Ferrari-founder Enzo, praises the current driver duo of the Italian team.

After Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel failed to become champions with Ferrari, the Italian team is now giving youth a chance. Whereas for years proven champions were chosen, with Leclerc Ferrari now has its own talent and with Sainz it got a stable driver, but Sainz is still very young.

New wind at Ferrari

“Charles Leclerc? My dad would have liked him for sure. The comparison with the past is always difficult to make. Gilles Villeneuve was always pure instinct. Charles is very different in that respect. He is an intelligent driver and very talented on several levels. He has extraordinary reflexes and great concentration. If we can give him the right car, he will be able to give us a lot of pleasure”, says Piero at La Gazzetta dello Sport.

”Carlos Sainz has also proved to be a solid and fast young driver. We have a good team and in the future things will look different for us. The cards will be reshuffled and we must not forget that with the new technical regulations we are actually starting from scratch next season”, concludes the founder’s son.

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