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Tourbillon with Three Flying Bridges Aston Martin Edition 3
Tourbillon with Three Flying Bridges Aston Martin Edition 3

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Although it may not seem like it, because of its distance, the automotive and watch sectors are very close. One of the most obvious examples we have in the Smart firm. Perhaps many do not know, but its birth was the result of the collaboration between Daimler AG and the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch. Nor can we ignore that practically all the car brands in the world, among its wide merchandisingThey sell watches of all kinds.

Well, to this long list of manufacturers, the English one had yet to join Aston martin. Gaydon’s house has been presenting and selling products as diverse as whiskey or motorcycles with his signature for months. However, his managers had never “given in” to venture into this limited and lucrative business. So far, they have been associated with Girard-Perregaux to create a Tourbillon limited edition with a very special design.

Of the Aston Martin Tourbillon only 18 units will be manufactured for the whole world

This creation developed between Aston Martin and Girard-Perregaux has a 44-millimeter case. Its design is completely visible, highlighting among all the elements the three flying bridges. The superior holds the barrel in place. The middle one supports the center wheel and the bottom part attaches to the tourbillon escapement. These parts are manufactured in grade 5 titanium with black PVD coating and polished corners.

To close the outer case, which is also made of grade 5 titanium, Girard-Perregaux craftsmen have used sapphire crystal. Thanks to this, the entire interior and operating mechanism are visible. As a complement, it goes with a black calfskin strap with exclusive Girard-Perregaux rubber alloy. However, this level of exquisiteness and luxury comes at a price that, to this day, has not been announced.

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In addition, the Tourbillon with three flying bridges of Aston martin will be sold in a limited edition of 18 pieces. It will be sold immediately and available worldwide at authorized Girard-Perregaux retailers. Perhaps this is the best way for Aston Martin to stay alive in the eyes of customers, although you must not forget that your business is cars. In any case, it is a shame not to be rich, because it is a work of art.

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