The Lotus Emira V6 First Edition Is All The Sports Car You Need

Lotus sure knows how to make a good sports car. In fact, that’s all they do. And as is usual for those with one specialization, the end product ends up being something great, with no corner cut and no expense spared.

When Lotus announced that they would be releasing a new sports car, the world waited eagerly. The hype was even more real when the covers were lifted off of the all-new Lotus Emira, a car that is set to replace the already popular lotus lineup of the Exige, Elise, and Evora. So, the Emira has a lot to live up to.

The Emira represents a new chapter for the lotus brand, however, none of their ethos and philosophy about driving pleasure has gone astray. This is why the first edition of the Lotus Emira is all the sports car that anyone could possibly need.

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The Lotus Emira V6 First Edition

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Via Lotus

At this year’s Goodwood Festival Of Speed, all eyes turned to the lotus stand. A new shape, a new chassis, and a new name; The Emira. It was announced as the replacement to the entirety of the lotus lineup and will also be the final combustion engine-powered lotus to be produced by the British marque.

The Emira is available with a variety of engine and gearbox options. One is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder AMG-built engine. It’s based on the same engine as you get in the Mercedes-Benz AMG A45 S and comes with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The other, and the one found in the First Edition, is a supercharged 3.5-liter V6 sourced from Toyota. It’s the same as the one you can get in the Lotus Exige, which the Emira replaces. This option will be available with an automatic or six-speed manual gearbox, however, the First Edition car is exclusively V6 and Manual, how good is that. It must be noted that for an extra $2,400 you can option in a dual-clutch transmission but we will gloss over that as in our opinion any self-respecting driver buying a lotus should go with the stick shift.

Lotus Emira Interior

Via: Lotus

Lotus also fitted a lot of optional extras as standard to the Emira First Edition. As standard, buyers get the Black Pack, which changes the air dams, front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser to gloss black.

The Drivers Pack is also fitted which can alternate between comfort “Tour” or track “Sport” suspension settings. Another pack for “Convenience” fits the Emira with a reversing camera, rain-sensing wipers, auto-dimming mirrors, and a luggage net. And lastly, the Design Pack adds tinted windows, sports pedals, a black Alcantara headliner as well as a choice color for the brake calipers.

Standard equipment for the Emira First Edition includes a set of lightweight 20″ forged alloy wheels, LED lights, heated electrically folding door mirrors, a full titanium exhaust, and all-around parking sensors. In terms of exterior color, but buyers also have a choice of six paint finishes. Then inside, the launch edition model gets a pair of sports seats covered in heated leather, a new multi-function steering wheel, and dual-zone climate control. In terms of new technology, there’s a bespoke audio system, a very smart 10.25-inch infotainment screen, and a 12.3-inch digital cluster gauge.

What About The Other Engine Options?


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Lotus has already solidified its plans to expand the Emira engine option line-up. At some point next year, we are expecting to get another First Edition model for the other engine variant; Mercedes-AMG’s M139 turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. This engine has already proved successful, producing as much as 415bhp in the A 45S hot hatch. Then, following suit in 2023, there’ll be a new entry-level model costing just £59,995 ($82,000).

We haven’t yet been told how much power the AMG motor will make in the Emira, but it’s possible that the four-cylinder could overtake the V6 as the Emira’s most potent powertrain during the car’s production run, this is owed to the tightening of emissions rules across the world, which will severely affect the way.

For now, though, the key number is £75,995 ($103,984) for UK customers and €95,995 ($112,384) in Germany. However, official prices for Asian and US markets are yet to be revealed, although, the price in comparison to some of its competitors is a real bargain.

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Via Lotus

A mid-engined, manual, V6 lightweight Lotus. The Emira is yet to be tested by any journos so we are still waiting to hear what it’s like to get behind the wheel of one. The First Edition of Lotus’ last ever combustion engine sports car is set to be one for the collectors. With a heritage as extensive and rich as Lotus, the end product will always be special and more importantly beautiful. This new generation of Lotus is exciting and if the past examples are anything to go by, the Emira will put a smile on your face but now with the added luxuries of being able to daily drive.

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