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Those who have been waiting for a contemporary interpretation of the iconic Porsche 959 are in luck, because Gemballa has publicly presented the Marsien, a heavily modified Porsche 911 Turbo S (992) that has been redesigned to emulate the German sports car in its Paris-Dakar format, which it won in 1986. However, this reincarnation is not of the Gemballa we know, but of Marc Philipp Gemballa, son of the late Stuttgart model maker.

Gemballa’s name has always been recognized as one of the most quirky local preparers in the 1990s and 2000s, and became infamous when the founder Uwe Gemballa he was assassinated in South Africa in 2010 amid rumors linking him to organized crime. Although the original Gemballa company was sold years later (and still exists), a new company has emerged that is run by (and named after) Uwe’s son, Marc Philipp Gemballa. And this is their first product.

The Marsien, a supercar designed for use in the desert, will be Philipp Gemballa’s first product. Clearly inspired by the Porsche 959 that participated in the Paris-Dakar rally in 1985 and 1986, owes its name to the word for “Martian” in French, which has been given to it on the occasion of the sands of the Al Faya desert of the United Arab Emirates because the sand reminded them of an environment similar to that of Mars. Gemballa says the Marsien is the starting point for a new supercar segment.

The power comes from an upgraded version of the powerful double turbocharged six-cylinder boxer engine of the 911 Turbo S. The above work was done by another famous Porsche preparer, RUF. Two versions will be offered: the least powerful will have 740 hp and 900 Nm, while the second alternative will raise the power to 825 hp with the same pair. An improved air filter designed to perform in dusty desert conditions and a signed exhaust system Akrapovič They come as standard equipment.

And despite the fact that the company itself has claimed that the game of who has the biggest engine is over, the Gemballa Marsien will be as fast as any supercar. The company indeed claims a career from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.6 seconds and a maximum speed of 330 km / h (with off-road tires it will be limited to 210 km / h). Those are figures practically traced to those of the 911 Turbo S from which it is based, but considering the Marsien is notably higher, they are not derogatory figures.

Like the new 911 GT3, the Marsien features a new double wishbone front suspension, adaptive stiffness dampers and there is a system that adjusts ride height via a hydraulic lift that claims to be able to increase ride height. ground clearance up to 250 millimeters (120 mm on the road). The model will be supplied with two sets of forged aluminum wheels, one fitted with road (21-inch) tires and the other off-road (20 ”), both signed by Michelin.

Should you opt for the latter, there’s an optional package that brings with it rally-spec shocks and an even higher (but fixed) suspension height. There is also a dynamic damping control system (DDC) and the hardness of the same can be adjusted in as little as 20 milliseconds depending on whether you cross snowy, sandy or muddy sections. In addition to the driving modes of the 911 Turbo S and any other 911, the Marisen comes with the modes for gravel, snow and mud.

The body, designed by Alan Derosier, has been made entirely of carbon fiber, sharing only its glazing and headlights with those of a factory 911. Wider front and rear arches, integrated spoiler and large waist-mounted air intakes dominate the new design, and all are referenced directly by the 959, but with an even greater emphasis on off-road driving. If you want the suit unpainted, Gemballa lets you have a bare skin specimen.

Last but not least, the interior comes with a full leather or Alcantara upholstery to complement a raised carbon fiber center console that takes its inspiration from the Porsche Carrera GT. Of course, Gemballa states that the “Full customization” is a viable alternative, suggesting that you can spend as much as your pocket allows. The only component that cannot be changed is the gear selector knob, which is always associated with the automatic gearbox (PDK).

Will only be made 40 units of the Marsien to face the desert dunes, and more than half of them have already been sold. The conversion price is € 495,000 excluding the base 911 Turbo S. In addition, the indicated price does not include taxes or shipping costs, as well as any option that the owner may wish or the duties and taxes of each country. As a final note, to say that Marc Philipp Gemballa is not associated in any way with Gemballa, they are two different companies despite the family bond.

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