The Top 5 Most Iconic Movie Cars

Blues Brothers Opening Scene 5 43 screenshot 600x342
Blues Brothers Opening Scene 5 43 screenshot 600x342

Cars and movies have gone hand in hand over the years, even in films where the car isn’t the main focus. Automotive sagas such as Fast and Furious, video game adaptations such as Need for Speed and historical biopics like Ford v Ferrari all feature cars for a narrative purpose, but here are five of our favourite films where the car has become incredibly iconic when featuring in a film that doesn’t require it for a narrative purpose.

5: Dodge Monaco – The Blues Brothers


Famous for its great soulful introduction to many to soul music, regular humour and hilariously explosive car chases, 1980’s The Blues Brothers star car has become iconic and recognisable way beyond the feel good musical classic it set out to be. A clapped-out 1974 Dodge Monaco police car, equipped with a speaker strapped to the roof that was used by the film’s main characters on their ‘mission from God’ would be enough to propel any car into a pop culture hall of fame, regardless if the film was any good or not (it’s great!).

4: DeLorean DMC-12– Back to the Future


Unfortunately, the model available for public purchase didn’t come with the additional flux capacitor, meaning reaching traveling the famous 88 miles per hour in your own version won’t get you a trip to the 1960s. Instead, it’ll much more likely get you a parking ticket. The car became synonymous with its futuristic looks, which would still look out of this world if released today. The DeLorean is now massively sort over, no doubt thanks to Back to the Future’s cult success. Jay Leno even has his own $750,000 exact copy!

Frequently having start-up problems throughout the films, protagonists Marty and Doc keep having to find different ways to reach the fabled 88 miles per hour and get themselves home. Hopefully, if you’re lucky enough to own a DeLorean yourself, you find yourself having no such start-up issues when taking it out for a spin…

3: 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood – Ghostbusters


The Ghostbusters’ 1959 Cadillac is arguably the least attractive car on the list. However, its just as iconic as our other featured vehicles regardless. One way to often tell just how much of a cultural influence a movie car may be is to see a LEGO version put into production. You can buy the part ambulance and part hearse, better known as Ecto-1, as a LEGO kit to this day, showing the generational appeal of this spectre slayer and a good a sign of the car’s significance as any. Dan Aykroyd’s character bought the car in the film for only $4,800, meaning it makes up in value what it loses in looks compared to the others on this list. He then fitted it with everything the team needed to deal with New York City’s ghostly ghouls and even squeezed three films and a reboot out in the process!

2: Aston Martin DB5 – 007: Goldfinger


Incredibly, there are more James Bond cars than there have been James Bond actors, due to a new car being commissioned for almost every film. Few are often never seen again, whether that be down to a lack of public appeal, studio commercial agreements or just a newer model – we’re not sure. However, indisputably the most famous, and most reoccurring Bond vehicle is the silver Aston Martin DB5 that featured in Goldfinger. In a world where we’ve seen flying cars, underwater cars and many more science fiction automotive conquests, the DB5 kept it stylish and unique, a reflection on the British spy himself. Just a few gadgets that might actually be part of the espionage toolkit lent itself to developing the male fantasy of owning a bond car, making not only a dent in British popular culture but popular culture around the world, too.

From the scene overlooking the Furka Pass as it stunningly burns the road beneath it, to ejecting one of Goldfinger’s henchmen from the passenger seat, the high-tech DB5 with a few Q upgrades is comfortably the most iconic bond car, and potentially film car ever.

Unfortunately, the DB5 is the most expensive car on this list, too. It will be no more than a fantasy for most of us to sit behind the wheel of. But, if you’re in the market for a new car without MI5 budgets and government funding to support you, Car Finance Genie are specialists in bad credit car finance options, getting you behind the wheel faster.

1: Mini Cooper S – The Italian Job


Alongside being arguably Michael Caine’s most famous film, The Mini’s starring role in The Italian Job helped to propel its place into popular culture, not to mention adding a quintessential British charm to the film alongside Caine, now both the UK’s treasure and Hollywood’s royalty. The film’s feature-length car chase sees the three Minis perform some of the most memorable driving stunts in film history and was way ahead of its time, getting every boy racer on board with wanting to own a Cooper S themselves. Even if it might just be to practice saying “I was only meant to blow the bloody doors off” in front of it seven times a day.

Well, that’s what we’d want it for, anyway…


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