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Theon Design HK002 Porsche 911 964 Restomod 19 700x394
Theon Design HK002 Porsche 911 964 Restomod 19 700x394

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Theon Design is a UK-based company specializing in restoring and modifying the historic heritage of Porsche 911s. This is its third commission, a ‘greatest hits’ rebuild that started as a 964 generation 911 and has several subtle nods to other famous “nine-eleven” reinvented. Let’s meet the baptized as Theon Design HK002, which will soon be sent to its owner in Hong Konk.

The creation of Adam hawley, a skilled and obsessive Porsche model designer with over two decades of automotive design experience, was primarily tasked with assembling new steel panels, instead of the carbon fiber ones that the British house also offers. Adorning the exterior of the classic German coupe is a beautiful dark green hue that contrasts with the “Porsche” lettering on the sides and rear. Of course, the whole set sits on a set of larger Fuchs design alloy wheels.

But do not think that it is a simple coat of paint with four details. As part of the restoration process, Theon Design stripped the German sports car of all its parts to bare metal and any damage was meticulously repaired. Then he strengthened the bodywork. The car also features the widest fins of a 911 S / T (the model that paved the way for iconic 911 RS and RSR early 1970s), the hood of a first-generation 911 and the rear-view mirrors of a 2018 911 Speedster (991).

On board, the Recaro sports seats they will greet their owner in a green leather finish with a Spinneybeck fabric and a contrasting yellow stripe. You will also see carbon fiber accents throughout the cabin, while the steering wheel signed by Nardi it is painstakingly stitched to match interior details. The center console, constructed from carbon fiber and then wrapped in leather, also features exposed carbon fiber panels to create an atmosphere that exudes both sportiness and classic luxury.

Since much of Theon Design’s mantra when crafting his creatures is don’t miss out on modern conveniences, the HK002 integrates elements such as a heating and air conditioning system, a current infotainment system, telephone connection and a reversing camera. All of this has been discreetly integrated into the cabin without being immediately visible. In addition, the company claims that, to recreate the feel of another era, it has installed cable-operated controls like the ones we would originally find.

Theon Design offers customers a wide variety of mechanical options, including 3.6 to 4.0 liter air-cooled, naturally aspirated, or turbocharged facing six-cylinder blocks. The HK002 features a 3.8 liters naturally aspirated, which produces 376 hp and 407 Nm. This one features independent butterfly valves, Mahle cylinders and pistons, Carrillo rods and a custom camshaft. Power is brought to the rear axle via a rebuilt six-speed manual gearbox from a 911 (993).

On the other hand, Theon Design’s approach to the 964’s air conditioning and power steering units perfectly illustrates the meticulous attention to detail of the team. When the car left the production plant, these elements were mounted on top of the engine compartment. Theon Design replaced them with much more efficient units that are now positioned low at the front, helping to create a near-ideal weight distribution. And with a full tank, the HK002 weighs only 1,248 kg.

“I always wanted to have a different 911; to create a vehicle using the design, material and prototyping skills I acquired after 20 years in the automotive industry, ”explains Hawley. “My goal was to improve a classic Porsche, with a similar approach to that of the manufacturer with a computer-aided design (CAD) that would guarantee the highest quality and the best finish. Our philosophy is that every detail matters, something that is also applied under the skin. […] We treat each component as a ‘surface A’ ”.

While a restomod of a Porsche 911 with a half-aged skeleton is nothing unusual, the process inherently guided by Theon Design gives it an interesting counterpoint to other companies doing similar work. It is more of a work of art on wheels than a machine to enjoy on the track. And no, no specific price has been revealed for the HK002, but the price of a 911 from Theon Design. starts at 300,000 pounds as a starting point (345,000 euros.), and the invoice is expanded according to the customer’s specifications.

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