There’s A Field Full Of Abandoned Porsche 928s In California, Which One Would You Rescue First?

After years of being fairly comprehensively ignored by collectors, the Porsche 928, the car that tried and failed to replace the 911, is now a seriously desirable classic. And while they’re nowhere near as valuable as their air-cooled, ass-engined brothers, these water-cooled, front-engined GTs are definitely worth looking after.

The owner of these 928s abandoned in California clearly didn’t get the memo. They were spotted by Facebook user Steve Rhodes while he was scouting for locations for the West World television show near an old quarry north of Moorpark in Ventura County.

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“One of the [land] owner’s friends asked to store a couple of cars. And pretty much never came back,” Rhodes explained in a posting. Rhodes’ pictures show at least 13 Porsche 928s, ranging from early spoiler-free 4.5-liter cars to late 5.0-liter S4s with smooth bumpers. But judging by the dust, paint fade and peeling lacquer, they’ve all been there for a while.

The dry Southern California climate and the fact that 928s featured a galvanized steel body and aluminium panels means corrosion is unlikely to have taken hold. But the electrics were always the 928’s Achilles heel, and examples left to sit for this long could well have a multitude of problems for the next owners.

Which might not be a problem, because as is often the case with these kind of finds, the owner isn’t interested in doing anything besides letting them decompose.

“The guy is still around who owns them, but seems to have lost interest in fixing them,” Rhodes says. “But I was told he won’t sell them.”

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If you fancy a “Where’s Wally?” puzzle, you can try finding them on Google maps like we did. But Rhodes cautions against anyone who thinks they can stroll up and take a look, or take an entire car.

“There’s no way to get to the property, he explains. “Only one way in and the gate is huge. They also have video cameras at the gate.” So it seems we, like the 928s, might have to just sit tight and hope the owner has a change of heart.

Many thanks to Steve Rhodes for giving us permission to use the photos

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