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Zak Brown thinks that Formula teams are too intertwined in 2020. The CEO of McLaren points to the teams supplying engines to each other or working together in other ways. It would even have an effect on their mood when it comes to important decisions.

The McLaren boss sees Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri working closely together, among others, and Mercedes working with McLaren, Williams and Aston Martin on the engine front. That’s not a good thing, argues Brown on the McLaren website. “One of the fundamental principles of Formula 1, unlike other racing series, is the fact that there is open competition between constructors.”

Brown argues that the minority currently allows important decisions about the future of the sport to be halted. “This is further skewed by the fact that the voting power of certain teams, is in favour of their team partner. There have even been instances where a member team, in order to satisfy its larger partner, has voted for a clear disadvantage to itself. This doesn’t put the fans first.”

McLaren starts well

McLaren has two excellent drivers this season with Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. Where Ricciardo is clearly still searching for the strengths of his new car, Norris showed in the first two races what his qualities are.

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