“This is his last chance, he knows that too”

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It is clear that Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso will never be best friends. The two drivers often clashed when Alonso was still driving a Ferrari and Vettel was winning all the championships with Red Bull Racing. The fact that Vettel later succeeded Alonso at Ferrari didn’t make the relationship any better either.


Many years later, things are completely different. Alonso drives at Alpine, the former Renault, and Vettel swapped the red for the green of Aston Martin. For both of them the start of the season is far from impressive, although Alonso managed to cut through the field in Portugal, which earned him an eighth place.

Maximilian Götz raced Vettel for ten years in his youth and currently drives in the DTM. According to him Vettel has not been doing too well in recent years and there are reasons for this: “Sebastian has always been keen for the team to build a car for him. But in the end the driver always has to be able to adapt to the car a bit too,” he told Speedweek.com.

A complainant

Götz then makes the comparison with Alonso: “Sebastian has always been more of a complainer than Alonso. The latter is fast in every car. It is always a question of character and style of driving. Sebastian has to adapt to that, and that’s not so easy.” It also strikes Götz that the Heppenheimer is under pressure: “Sebastian is a four-time world champion. This is his last chance, he knows that too. Maybe that’s also why he can’t drive so freely and feels pressure.”

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