This Is Madison Beer’s Awesome Car Collection

In the modern age of YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram popularity, many well-known celebs have made their break via social media platforms before going on to do bigger and better things.

Madison Beer is the personification of this type of pop-culture character, getting her start from posting her cover performances of songs on YouTube until she was discovered by none other than Justin Bieber in 2012. Bieber signed her to Island Records, much like Usher discovered him back in 2008.

With these types of grassroots celebrities, we often manifest close connections and want to get to know them more closely; many may like to know what types of hobbies they have, what their families are like, and of course, what cars they drive.

Now we can assume that someone as famous as Madison Beer would drive some high-rolling rides, but that’s not good enough for car enthusiasts. So, here’s a detailed list of the cars she has driven in the past and what she currently cruises.

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Madison Beer Owned A 991 Porsche 911 Targa


Back in 2016, Beer was spotted by paparazzi exiting a clothing store and hopping into a beautiful black 911 Targa. In a video posted by TheHollywoodFix, she understandably tries to avoid the cameras and swarm of paparazzi as she walks towards the 911.

She noted that she was just 17 when asked about her voting decisions in that same video, a hot button issue as it was the height of the historic 2016 election. What we care about though, is that she was a kid driving one of the most well-tuned and capable sports cars on the planet. Not fair.

If it makes you feel any better, though, she said the car was her dad’s whilst pulling out of the parking lot in that video, saying, “I couldn’t afford this car!”. That was five years ago now, so she probably has the means to purchase a Targa of her own these days.

She Rode A Range Rover Sport

Madison Beer Range Rover

Via: Pinterest

Also, in 2016, Madison had a Range Rover Sport. Range Rover has brought out some really compelling products in the last few years, and this one is no exception, as the Range Rover is a go-to luxury SUV for wealthy folks.

We’re not exactly sure what color her car was painted in, but if it was a stock color, it could have either been a Windward Gray or Spectral Blue.

This particular Range Rover was involved in an accident during her ownership, but not with her driving. Her boyfriend at the time, Jack Gilinski, was driving by himself in her car, as significant others often do, and got into a minor accident that damaged the front right corner of Beer’s car.

Considering this was her car and not her parent’s, it’s extra sad to see it in pieces at the side of the road.

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The Superstar’s Range Rover Vogue

Madison Beer Range Vogue

It seems as if Madison Beer fancies Range Rover as in 2019, she bought a new Range Rover Vogue. Instead of going the colorful route this time, she opted for a black example that was either wrapped in a matte black finish before she bought it or wrapped after her purchase as she has been seen with two similar Vogues, one in matte black and one in metallic black.

Madison famously used this car to attend the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, where she and her friends displayed their support for the movement from the windows of her Range Rover.

This is was the most expensive car she had bought at a price of at least $85,000 or more. But her next car was certainly the most extravagant.

Madison Beer Rides A Ferrari 488 Spider


In the summer of 2020, Madison Beer started looking for something more “L.A.,” if you will. Her choice was what looks like a Rosso Scuderia Ferrari 488 Spider. She was seen taking her buddy Nick Austin for a test drive in the red prancing horse before deciding to purchase the car.

We don’t know the exact price of her 488 Spider, but the base price for a 2019 488 Spider was a touch over $280,000, so you do the math.

That specific model made around 661 hp from its 3.9-liter V8 and could sprint from 0-60 in 3.0 seconds, though we doubt Beer would ever attempt to do that on a busy L.A. street.

So far, Beer has consistently upgraded her collection from driving her dad’s Porsche to purchasing her own Range Rover twice and now owning a car that costs as much as a house.

She seems to like the foreign cars from Europe, judging from her British and Italian car choices over the years. What car do you think she will buy next? Will it be another Ferrari, or will she go German? Whatever it is, you can find out here.

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