This Ultra-Rare Porsche-Powered 1959 Devin D Is Looking For A New Owner

Carroll Shelby was a legendary constructor who was busy building sportier cars for Ford. There was, however, another constructor whose race cars dominated the motorsports scene in United States – Bill Devin. One of Bill’s creations was the Devin D, which was released in 1958 after the famed Devin Super Sport. Finding a Devin D classic car in the modern market could be difficult, simply because only 46 examples were built. But here is a 1959 Devin D that has popped up for sale on eBay.

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Rare Classic: One Of 46 Devin D Examples

1959 Devin D quarter rear

Via eBay

Bill’s main highlight as a constructor was definitely the Devin Super Sport, which won several class wins on various SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) road races between 1959 and 1953. At the same, Bill was also assembling the Devin D, which featured a new body style, a tubular frame and a ladder-type chassis. Powered by air-cooled OHV boxer four engines from either Volkswagen or Porsche, the Devin was a lightweight monster – it was much lighter than its rivals on races.

This certain Devin D was built for the 1959 model year. It has a VIN of DD41, making it one of the only 46 examples (estimated) that Bill produced. When it was delivered to its first owner in Texas, the Devin D was running on a 1,586-cc Porsche 356 engine, which boasted 70 hp of output. It borrows wheels, brakes, speedometer, tachometer and other period gauges from the Porsche 356.

Now Running On Porsche 356 Super Engine

1959 Devin D engine

Via eBay

According to the seller, this Devin D arrived in his garage with disassembled Porsche 356 engine and brakes, although he fitted a good-running Porsche 356 Super engine. Still running well, this engine features matching case halves, correct Zenith carbs, and excellent compression. However, the future owner of this Devin D would have to rebuild the master cylinder and brakes and plumb its lines.

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Just like other Devin models, this particular example has a fiberglass body, which is still in good condition with no signs of major damage or previous repairs. Nonetheless, this Devin already has patina and character all over, and the seller suggests a cosmetic restoration. Its chassis, on the other hand, remains solid and the rusted areas have already been remediated and welded.

Still Has Several Original Devin Components

1959 Devin D interior

Via eBay

Boasting a clear title as a 1959 Devin D, this 356 Super engine-powered examples still has its original early Volkswagen fuel tank, vintage gauges, front Porsche brake drums (marked L and R), original Devin seats (with molded R and L) as well as a racing windscreen.

Source: eBay

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