Two-round, 10-team 2021 mock draft

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Max Verstappen, Formula 1

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Formula 1 (Photo by Andy Hone – Pool/Getty Images)

How would the Formula 1 grid look if the drivers were selected in an NFL-style draft? Take a look at our two-round, 10-team selections.

The 2021 NFL Draft took place this weekend from Thursday, April 29 to Saturday, May 1. As a result, we decided to make our own mock draft, but for Formula 1.

Of course, Formula 1 doesn’t work exactly like the NFL in terms of driver selections, and it likely never will. But what if it did?

Here’s a look at a two-round, 10-team Formula 1 mock draft, utilizing the sport’s current 10 teams and the current driver duos at each team.

NOTE: Draft order was determined by 2020 finish in the constructor standings. With that being said, teams are simply for name purposes only; assume all teams use equal equipment. Picks selected using a variety of factors, most notably skillset and age to set the team up for both short-term and long-term success.

Williams – Round 1, Pick 1 (Pick 1 overall): Max Verstappen

This really doesn’t need an explanation. All equipment equal, Max Verstappen is the driver who any team would take with the first overall pick in any kind of Formula 1 draft.

He has already secured 11 career victories despite never having driven for the overall top team, and he is still only 23 years old. Let’s also not forget who he reminds us of when it comes to driving in the rain.

Haas – Round 1, Pick 2 (Pick 2 overall): Charles Leclerc

As good as Max Verstappen is, Charles Leclerc has proven to be right up there with him. He quickly proved doubters wrong upon his arrival to Formula 1 and subsequent first two-plus seasons with Ferrari.

Verstappen vs. Leclerc was dubbed the sport’s next big rivalry, and in year one, the Red Bull and the Ferrari were locked in numerous intense battles. Leclerc, who became a multi race-winner just a week after securing his first win, is also only 23 years old.

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