Unboxing James Bond’s Corgi Aston Martin DB5

For the next month a life-size Corgi DB5 will be on display outside London’s Battersea Power Station for all to see. Housed in a box replicating the one that sat under plenty of Christmas trees more than 50 years ago, the life-size model isn’t entirely faithful to the original – it’s one of Aston Martin’s DB5 Goldfinger Continuation cars.

Rather than limit itself to the few gadgets of the original toy, the DB5 Goldfinger Continuation comes with everything you see in the movies, except for the ejector seat (there were some health and safety risks with shooting someone out of the roof of a moving car and the small matter of finding an ejector mechanism that’d fit under the seat).

Dominic Fraser

Priced at £2.75 million and limited to 25, the DB5 Goldfinger Continuation cars are special bits of kit. Engineered with input from Bond special effects veteran Chris Corbould, bar actually owning a screen-used movie car, you’ll struggle to get closer to owning a legit Bond ride. With a ballistic-grade retractable rear screen, oil (water for the production cars, because… you can guess) slicks, a telephone, Browning machine gun replicas up front, changeable number plates, a modernised version of Bond’s sat nav and so much more besides, Aston Martin didn’t mess around. Each of the (now sold) 25 cars were made using the same techniques that were employed back in the 1960s, albeit with a few nods to modernity – millimetre-precise measurements mean each panel fits properly.

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