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Getting ready for final delivery to the customer.

One very stylish way to spend £1.400,000 comes from McLaren and takes the form of a supercar without a roof and a windscreen. The Elva is essentially a motorcycle on four wheels with an 804-bhp (600 kilowatts) twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. And there’s no denying a very special car like the Elva deserves very special treatment.

a car parked in a parking lot: McLaren Elva detailing and PPT

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McLaren Elva detailing and PPT

McLaren tasked Topaz to give the open-top supercar a complete detailing and to apply a paint protection film before the car is delivered to its customers. And because it’s a pretty exclusive machine, of which only 399 units will be assembled, the detailing studio had to keep the Elva completely out of sight for the public. 

One thing that’s unique to the Elva, obviously, is that it has no roof which means the team at Topaz had to take extra measures to prevent water and chemicals from entering the cabin and damaging the leather surfaces. Following a multi-stage exterior washing, the detailing pros had to clay the body of the supercar to make sure there are no contaminants embedded into the clear coat.

Elva liveries:

You might wonder why you need to polish a brand new car and, as this video explains, there are thousands of reasons – transportation, showroom attention, little imperfections to the paint, etc. If you are a perfectionist, all these little things matter, especially considering you’ve paid £1.4 million for the car.

Once the full body detailing is done, the Topaz team can start with the paint protection process. It requires a lot of work and starts with a computer sketch of the film patterns that will be applied to the car. Topaz says it designs them in-house meaning every section is pre-cut to the exact shape and dimensions of the car without the need of trimming with a blade on the car. This is a lengthy but very rewarding process.

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