Watch new LEGO Masters season 2, episode 6 tonight: July 20, 2021

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LEGO Masters is back with an all-new episode tonight! Here’s how to watch season 2, episode 6 so you don’t miss a minute of the brick action (whether you have a cable connection or not).

FOX’s competition show skipped last week, so we’re glad it’s back tonight, July 20, 2021, especially after that fun clip that teased another great episode to come.

What is the challenge tonight and what time will the episode air? How can you watch if you don’t have cable? Which teams are still standing? We’ve got all these details and more, below! Let’s get right to it.

What’s the challenge for LEGO Masters season 2, episode 6?

Is it just me or are the challenges only getting more fun? Tonight’s episode will see the teams building a replica of Will Arnett’s LEGO Lamborghini and they have to do it all from memory! Would you be able to do it? I know my answer! It’s a big, fat no!

This is only part of the challenge! The teams are also entering the Demolition Derby battle. Will their LEGO cars hold up? Only one way to find out!

LEGO Masters season 2 remaining teams

  • Bryan and Lauren
  • Caleb and Jacob
  • Dave and Richard
  • Maria and Philip
  • Mark and Steven
  • Natalie and Michelle
  • Susan and Jen
  • Zack and Wayne

Which team are you rooting for this season? As each episode passes, we only grow closer to them and wish no other teams had to go! But one is about to be sent home after tonight’s challenge, and you’ll want to be one of the firsts to know who that will be. To do so, here’s how to watch:

How to watch LEGO Masters season 2, episode 6

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2021, at 7 p.m. CT
Episode: Season 2, Episode 6, “Demolition Derby”
Network: FOX
Watch: FOX Online | Sling TV | YouTube TV | MORE

Will you be watching tonight’s all-new episode live or wait until it premieres? 

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