Watch The Porsche 911 GT3 Get Put Through Its Paces Against The 911 Turbo S

There is no denying that the Porsche 911 series is widely considered one of the most legendary brands of sports cars in the world. Over the years, the art of the 911 has become perfected and will go down in history as possibly the greatest sports car ever created. Along the way, there have been various versions, such as the 911 GT3 and the 911 Turbo S. Both achieve lap times and performance figures in different ways, and Rory Reid and Autotrader have put the two cars through their paces to see how they compare on their YouTube channel.

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The Turbo S Provides The Calm And Measured Approach

The Turbo S is perhaps the tamer version of the two cars. Reid describes the environment as quiet, and comfortable in the Turbo S. But it is all about power, with a 0-62 time of just 2.7 seconds, a top speed of 205 mph and with over 640 hp on tap to play with, it is brilliant through the corners with wonderful handling as Reid describes. The 911 GT3 though is all about agility. Its 4-liter straight-six has 138 hp less than the Turbo S, but it’s in the corners where it makes up the time. Reid shows this off by pulling away on the straights in the Turbo S, but sees the GT3 catch up massively in the corners to such an extent he gets passed by it.

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Different Ways Of Getting The Laptime

911 Turbo S Vs GT3 On Starting Line

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Both cars have plenty of power but the GT3 might well harness that power more effectively. The GT3 feels much more serious, like a racing car, which makes it equally as brilliant as the Turbo S even with less outright acceleration. Reid gets a professional racing driver, Adam Christo, to put the two cars through their paces to see which one will fastest lap time. The 911 Turbo S did a lap time of 42.9 seconds, whereas the 911 GT3 did a lap time of 42.4 seconds, remarkably just half a second quicker than the Turbo S.

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There Is More Than One Way To Go Fast

911 Turbo S Vs GT3 Final Result

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The performance of both these cars shows that there is more than one way to get around a racetrack fast. You don’t just need buckets of power, its also about agility and poise, and the GT3 certainly looked like it was tailor-made for the track. Remember, this is in effect a tuned-down GT race car that you can take out on the road. The results are certainly surprising, with the Turbo S not far off the lap time of the GT3. It shows though just how good both versions of the Porsche 911 are.

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