Why Ferrari Needs To Make An SUV Now (And The Reason Enthusiasts Oppose It)

All top luxury and supercar brands are shifting focus from small high-performance cars to SUVs—apart from Ferrari. Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Bentley are all currently producing SUVs. The high-performance SUV market is hot. Is Ferrari jumping on that train? Well, Mat Watson of Carwow uploaded a YouTube video of what they think the new Ferrari SUV could look like.

“In this video, I’ll tell you why Ferrari has to start building an SUV now. And I will show you exclusive renderings of what this new car could look like,” Watson said.

The world is shifting to green energy, and with it, the automotive industry. In the future, motor enthusiasts will have to give up their thunderous big engines for silent electric options. The change to green has slowly begun, and thankfully, Ferrari is prepared and is already developing amazing hybrid supercars like the SF90 Stradale looking more and more like a change Ferrari fans will have to accept.

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Ferrari Needs An SUV to Compete In The Current Car Market

Ferrari is famous for one thing: They build super-fast cars, and their success list is endless, from the Ferrari Enzo, LaFerrari, and the 812 Superfast among other iconic models.

“Cars with naturally aspirated V12 engines will never pass strict emissions tests in the future. Now Ferrari knows this, which is why it’s put a load of effort and a load of cash into developing some new hybrid supercars, and there could be a new hybrid SUV on the horizon too,” Watson said.

Lamborghini just like Ferrari made its name out of building bonkers mid-engine monsters. Currently, its most popular car is the Lamborghini Urus SUV. In 2020, Lamborghini sold more than 7,000 units, over 4,000 of which were Lamborghini Urus models.

“Ferrari doesn’t really have a choice. If it wants to compete with these brands, then it has to make an SUV of some kind. But what would a Ferrari SUV look like?” Watson said.

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According to Carwow, Ferrari is already testing a prototype. And even though the prototype SUV doesn’t have any Ferrari parts yet, when done, it will carry the tag name Ferrari Purosangue.

“It could take inspiration from the latest Ferrari Roma, or the all-new 296 GTB. So, I reckon it’ll look simpler and less angular than a Lamborghini Urus. But it will still be even more imposing than most modern Ferraris,” Watson revealed.

Ferrari Has Four Engine Options For New SUV Variant

So, what kind of engine would the Ferrari SUV have to compete in the market? Carwow speculates the automaker could go with four options. The first option would use the 6.5-liter V12 engine from an 812 Superfast to make 800 hp. What’s best, Ferrari already has a four-wheel-drive system to go with this option.

Ferrari could also use the 3.9-liter twin-turbo engine from the Roma making 620 hp. They could also fit it with a hybrid system and electric motors from the new 296 GTB. But there’s a problem using the engines from the Roma or the GTB is they are rear-wheel drive, and will need a new four-wheel-drive system re-design.

Lastly, Carwow, thinks Ferrari could get some parts from the SF90 that comes with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, and three electric motors, all making 1,000 hp.

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