Will Arnett Shows the Contestants What Not to Do (VIDEO)

lego masters 206 demolition derby
lego masters 206 demolition derby

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It’s always important to make sure you have all your pieces in place when LEGO-building. That’s the lesson Will Arnett learns in the July 20 episode of LEGO Masters.

As TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of “Demolition Derby” reveals, the contestants are tasked with building an exact replica of his LEGO Technic “Lamborghini Sián FKP 37” in their first challenge. That’s easier said than done … for everyone, including the host and executive producer, it seems.

Arnett invites the contestants to take a good look at the car, joking: “Try not to scratch it. It’s a lease.” Then, he explains: “At each of your build tables, you’ll find the very same pieces that I used to build this. Including this last piece that I actually missed to put in here.”

Which piece does he have to add? Watch what happens when he tries to complete his car in the video above.

In this episode, the contestants will have to build an exact replica of that Lamborghini from memory, with the team that comes closest winning an advantage in the next challenge. After that, they must shift gears and, as the episode title suggested would happen, enter a Demolition Derby battle. Each team will have to build a wild, remote-controlled concept car that can fight it out against the others’ vehicles. It looks like you can get a glimpse of just that in the photo below of Arnett with judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard.

LEGO Masters Season 2 Episode 6 Demolition Derby Will Arnett

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LEGO Masters, Tuesdays, 8/7c, Fox

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