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LEGO McLaren Elva 2 700x394
LEGO McLaren Elva 2 700x394

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With a price tag exceeding one and a half million euros and a limited production of just 399 units, the McLaren Elva is unattainable for most mortals. It’s one of several exotic speedsters flooding the supercar scene, alongside the Aston Martin V12 Speedster, the Ferrari SP1 and SP2 Monza pairing, and the Lamborghini SC20. However, now there is an easier way to own one: Mclaren Y LEGO have come together to give life to a reduced version of the He goes.

The Elva, McLaren’s “lightest and most innovative” supercar to date, recently received a windshield, even though McLaren went to the trouble to make sure this “pure” racer didn’t ruffle you (maybe because of its depletion? in safety?). The car’s active air management system uses aerodynamics to create a bubble around the occupants and protect them from the wind, and that is a detail that is also present in the final design of this LEGO pack.

Composed by 263 piecesNot only does it feature those vents that make the air bubble work, but it also features an open two-seat cockpit and other equally remarkable details. With 160 mm in length, 70 mm in width and 40 mm in heightThe LEGO Speed ​​Champions Elva is the perfect size to fit a person whose hair doesn’t require clever aerodynamic tricks to remain unconcerned about how their hairstyle looks.

To recreate Elva’s distinctive design, say that LEGO worked closely with McLaren, who provided design sketches. Plus, it also comes with an attached figure. But it is not just any figure, rather it is a pilot with her racing suit, her helmet and her wrench, which is inspired by the McLaren Automotive Principal Development Engineer for the Ultimate Series category, Rachel Brown. She has worked on projects like the McLaren Senna and GTR.

“It is incredible to have witnessed how the Elva went from a drawing that pushes the limits to the final production. Now it feels even more special after seeing the job transformed into a LEGO Speed ​​Champions, ”says Brown. “Since I was a child I have dreamed of driving and testing cars and I still cannot believe that it is part of my job. I hope that inspire other young people to follow your passions and pursue careers in the automotive or design and engineering industries. There are so many incredible opportunities. “

“With LEGO Speed ​​Champions, we hope to bring LEGO fans of all ages closer to the car of their dreams and encourage them to believe that they can be whatever they want to be, just like Rachel,” he said. Chris Stamp, LEGO chief designer. “So it has been a privilege to work with McLaren to create a LEGO version of Elva. We work closely with the brand team, from the conception of the idea when the real Elva was still in early development, to the end of the design process.

Fans aged seven and over They can explore the composition of the McLaren Elva in full scale as they build the LEGO miniature. And they can join it together with other models of the house such as the P1, the 720S, the Senna and the Senna GTR. If you are interested in getting one and forgetting that the original model is too expensive and exclusive, the LEGO Elva is available on their website and authorized sites from 19.99 euros.

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